Phoenix Capital Research was founded in 2009. It has since earned a reputation as the premiere independent investment research company with over 30,0000 clients in more than 50 countries. We don’t broker deals, nor do we manage funds. Our business is simple: our success is based on the quality of our analysis, our investment ideas, and whether our clients make money by following our strategies. Our flagship publication Private Wealth Advisory’s model portfolio has maintained a win rate of 75% since 2015, meaning our clients made money on three out of every four trades during that seven-year period. Over the same time period, Private Wealth Advisory’s total portfolio returns have more than doubled the performance of the S&P 500 (235% vs. 89%). Our clients range from retired schoolteachers to hedge fund managers and executives at the largest financial institutions in the world. We cater to anyone who is looking for investment research that converts to capital gains.


Graham Summers, MBA is a world-renowned expert in central bank policy and its impact on the financial markets. With over 20 years of experience in market analysis and investment strategy, Graham has personally analyzed over 1,000 businesses and countless investment opportunities. His investment strategies encompass six different asset classes ranging from emerging markets to currencies to real estate . Together, his work has translated to unparalleled capital gains, with his clients outperforming the markets during some of the most volatile periods in capitalism. A best-selling author and acclaimed communicator, Graham’s cutting-edge investment and economic insights have been featured in dozens of media outlets around the world including CNN Money, Fox Business, Rolling Stone Magazine, Crain’s New York Business, MoneyTalk Radio, and The Huffington Post among many others. Graham earned his MBA from the prestigious Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Graham Summers, MBA |
Founder and CEO,
Phoenix Capital Research
Graham Summers, MBA | Founder and CEO, Phoenix Capital Research




Weekly investment advisory

Private Wealth Advisory is a weekly investment advisory. In it, chief market strategist, Graham Summers, MBA outlines the most critical issues and developments for the financial markets. Graham Summers also recommends which investment would profit for them, with real-time "buy" and "sell" alerts. Our investment success ratio is 86%. A six month subscription is only $249.99.



Weekly trading service that uses options

The Crisis Trader is a weekly trading service that uses options to produce substantial gains quickly even with its high returns. A six month subscription cost is $499.99.

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Free daily market commentary

Gains, Pains & Capital is our free daily market commentary. Chief Market Strategist, Graham Summers, MBA outlines the most pressing issues of the day as well as which trends and investments areas are worthy of focus.


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FXI was the first alert I got from you and I wish to congradulate you. It was so well researched and being a little cautious I went for the Nov 33 puts and made over $2500.. 53% in a matter of days. I now see that some who went for Oct 34s could easily have made over 90%

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