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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Gains, Pains & Capital and Phoenix Capital Research?

Phoenix Capital Research is an independent investment research company based in Alexandria, Virginia. At Phoenix Capital Research we interpret the global economy and financial markets, and provide our insights through a variety of products including our free daily e-letter, Gains, Pains & Capital, our weekly investment advisory Private Wealth Advisory and our weekly options trading newsletter, The Crisis Trader.

Gains, Pains & Capital is our free daily market commentary. In it, we detail the most pressing economic and financial issues of the day, combining macro-based, value and technical analysis to present investors with a single sheet of research that they can use to navigate the market’s action.

You can access Gains Pains & Capital here:

To read more about Phoenix Capital Research click here:

How much does it cost to subscribe to Gains, Pains & Capital?

Gains, Pains & Capital is a free daily market commentary, written under the direction of Graham Summers, Chief Market Strategist for Phoenix Capital Research.

In order to receive this newsletter, you just need to provide us with your email address and you will be on your way to accessing one of the most renowned financial products on the market. Mr. Summers’ work has been quoted by CNN Money, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Glenn Beck Show, The New York Post, Crain’s New York Business, among others.

To subscribe now go to:

What is the difference between Gains, Pains & Capital, Private Wealth Advisory and The Crisis Trader?

Gains, Pains & Capital is our free daily market commentary. Both Private Wealth Advisory and The Crisis Trader are paid products available only to our paying clients.

Our paid products have several features only available to our paid clients. Some of these features include:

  • Password-protected Subscribers Only websites.
  • Full access to our historical archives.
  • Special reports detailing unique investment opportunities.
  • Real-time traded alerts sent via email and text messaging.
  • Dedicated customer support lines.

For more information on our Products, visit our Products page.

Who is Graham Summers?

Mr. Summers is the Chief Market Strategist and Editor in Chief for Phoenix Capital Research. He overlooks all of the firm’s research, making sure we provide the best quality and state-of-the art strategies to our clients. He is constantly quoted and interviewed by many in the mainstream media outlets.

Mr. Summers began his career at a large investment research office in Baltimore, MD. Rising to become the youngest senior analyst in the history of the firm, he was writing about investing and business to an audience of over 140,000 readers by the age of 27.

Since that time he has worked as a corporate consultant, director of marketing, and investment strategist. Today his work is clients include Fortune 500 executives, Wall Street analysts, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Hedge Fund managers and others located in 56 different countries around the world.

Can I contact Graham Summers with specific investment questions or concerns?

Due to his extremely demanding schedule, including travelling oversees to make sure we offer the most unbiased interpretation of the capital markets and global economy; he is not available to answer our clients on a one-to-one basis.

We frequently receive emails asking him questions pertaining to specific investment advice; however at this time Phoenix Capital Research does not offer private consulting so these inquiries cannot be processed. We understand that many of our clients are eager to work directly with Mr. Summers, so we are in the process of developing a specific product aimed to cover such demand.

What is the refund policy on your paid products and how does it work?

We offer a 30-day trial period for all of our paid products for roughly $1. If you decide to cancel your subscription at any point during the first 30 days, your subscription will be canceled and you will not be charged again (we keep the $0.98 trial period cost).

After 30 days, if you have not canceled your subscription it will convert over to a full annual subscription and you will be the charged the remainder of one year’s subscription fee. At this point all sales are final. 

What payment providers do you use and are they safe?

All of our payment gateways and order forms are fully encrypted with SSL certification. We use the highest level of security and certification possible.

Can I mail a check instead?

You can mail us a check for your subscription. However, your subscription will not be activated until the check clears. If you choose this option, mail the check for your subscription cost to:

Phoenix Capital Management, Inc.

P.O. BOX 2912
Alexandria, VA 22301

When I call your number it usually sends me to a voicemail, why?

To insure that your issue or concern is properly addressed, we offer specific customer support mailboxes for each of our products if you should call us and all of our customer support reps are aiding other customers.

Simply leave us a message and your concern will be full addressed within the next business day.

What is the publication schedule for all your products?

Gains Pains & Capital is published daily before the market opens (9:30 AM EST).

Private Wealth Advisory is published every Wednesday after the market closes (4:00PM EST). Each month features three shorter weekly market updates and one longer monthly issue.

The Crisis Trader is published every Tuesday morning usually before 11AM EST (subject to market conditions).

How are your newsletters delivered?

Gains Pains & Capital is delivered via email to your inbox.

Private Wealth Advisory and its real-time alerts are delivered via email to your inbox.

The Crisis Trader and its real-time alerts are delivered via email to your inbox.

I am not really sure how to trade, can you do it for me?

At this time we do not manage accounts. We will provide you with detailed investment alerts including what investment to buy, its symbol, what time to buy it and what price to pay (we’ll provide the same details when it’s time to sell). But you will have to personally make the trade yourself.

Do you work with any special brokers?

We are a totally independent investment firm. As such we do not have a relationship with nor do we work with any brokers, research institutions, banks or anyone else.

What brokers can fill your trades?

Just about any broker can fill our trades. You can use a discount broker such as eTrade, Ameritrade, a full-service broker such as Merrill Lynch, or a specialty broker that focuses on a particular form of securities such as Thinkorswim or Optionsxpress. It’s up to you.

What is the difference between Private Wealth Advisory and The Crisis Trader?

Private Wealth Advisory is bi-weekly investment advisory designed for individual investors (not day traders) who want to an independent expert’s analysis of the global economy and financial markets and who can trade stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Your typical longer monthly Private Wealth Advisory issue runs between 10-30 pages long and will feature 2-3 investments. Investments are usually held for several weeks to several months.

The Crisis Trader is a weekly options trading service that focuses on trading just options once per week. It is designed for traders, not investors, who are looking for big gains fast.

Your typical The Crisis Trader alert is under one page long and features one trade. Trades are usually held for a few days to at most a few weeks.

What is a “real time trade alert”?

Most newsletter firms follow a strict publishing schedule, telling their clients to buy or sell an investment on the day of publication. We do not do this because the markets do not conform to publishing schedules. Consequently, we issue investment alerts telling our clients to buy or sell an investment in real-time, via a special trade alert, rather than waiting for our next publication date.

How much money do I need to follow your picks?

For Private Wealth Advisory we recommend having at least $10,000 to invest.

For The Crisis Trader we recommend having at least $5,000 in trading capital (NOT your entire portfolio, but the money you trade with).

I’ve had a very bad experience with other financial firms, how are you different?

We are sorry to hear about this, but unfortunately the newsletter industry is rife with charlatans and snake oil salesmen.

We are different from other firms in that we always put our clients first by:

  • Forbidding our analysts and employees from investing in the trades/investments our firm recommends to our clients.
  • Maintaining total independence from other firms (you will never see us promote someone else’s work or ideas to you).
  • Always treating our clients with courtesy and respect.
  • Maintaining the highest business ethics standards.
  • Always being honest about our successes (as well as our failures).

At the end of the day, we may not be as big or as powerful as some firms, but we like being able to look ourselves in the mirror.

Have you ever been sued by the SEC?

No. We have never been sued by the SEC, nor anyone else for that matter. We maintain the highest business ethics standards and value our clients’ trust above all else.

Do you SPAM or rent your list?

No. We have never sent a single email to anyone without them having first subscribed to our work. We maintain the strictest “No Spam” policy in our industry, having never once rented our list to anyone. The only way we can contact you is if you have signed up to receive emails from us.